Subaru Legacy GT Specs

The Subaru Legacy seat on big sedan class with starting price at $ 31,395 with default specs 265 horse power SUBARU BOXER engine, 440 watts Harman Kardon audio system, Dual-zone automatic climate control, automatic climate control, Heated power driver & passenger seats.

find out each standard specs review of Subaru Legacy GT specs starting with Subaru boxer engine : subaru boxer engine is Horizontal engine design and the position in line with drive train with this position can transfer maximum power and reducing vehicle efficiency.

from Subaru Legacy GT forum and review from the first drive with engine turbocharged 2.5 liter horizontally opposed four can reach 0-60 mp in 5.7 seconds, Power delivery is linear and falls off only slightly at redline with very good handling. MPG: 18 city/25 hwy

with all wheel drive offering better control and fast response in all road condition even on slip tire. Legacy is largely a carryover, with a few minor trim level and option package changes. Folding exterior mirrors now standard.

More components tend to reduce vehicle efficiency and could add to higher maintenance costs and easy find Subaru Legacy GT on auto parts store better if you are choosing genuine Subaru Legacy GT parts.


Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Super Efficient Vehicle

The Germany legendary car company Volkswagen is ready to introduce the production design of XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) since medias has officially taken the spy photos of this hybrid car.

The pictures which are taken in Europe by this week give the strong prediction of how the XL1 production model will be, if it isn’t just a dummy for an identical new series.

Whether the positive production model will use the XL1’s styling is mystery, but previous reports give sign that the company has prepared a project for the super efficient vehicle.

An interview held by Automotive News Europe last November reported that the Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkom told that the upcoming diesel-electric hybrid is on the right lane to be manufactured.

The CEO strengthens the Volkswagen trademarks by saying that Volkswagen will “start small series production by 2013, in Germany.”

The concept defines that the car has a regular 35kW 0.8 litre, double-cylinder turbodiesel engine, accompanied to a 20kW electric motor.

Even the spec doesn’t show great power, the slim 795kg weight makes the revolutionary XL1 has more than enough power to accelerate. The car needs only 0.9 l/100km, that value will make the XL1 becomes the most efficient car in the future.

XL1 has a Volkswagen genuine seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, feel the speed up to 35km/h when using electric power.

The company plans to launch the car in 2013, the latest specs and detail of the upcoming XL1 should arise in next several months.

2018 Audi A8 Sedan Release Date

The upcoming Audi A8 sedan will remove the front drive system and shift them to the Volkswagen Group’s MSB, or Modular Standard Platform.

As reported by Car and Driver website, the BMW competitor gets the chance to share its underpinning with the one used by Porsche Panamera and Bentley Continental.

The statement is emphasized by the R&D leader, Wolfgang Duerheimer who just has been hired by Audi, is the man behind the great responsibility to merge the VW Group’s platforms and put the 2016 A8 into the list.

The latest A8 use the MLB platform which is also applied in almost all the Audi series from the A4 to the A7 and also the Q5. MLB is created to be the longitudinal standard prepared to medium range front wheel and all wheel drive products.

The details shows the use of Modularer Standardantrieb-Baukasten as the front engine, rear wheel drive system, with the availability to enhance the medium engine or rear engine features.

The MSB’s general string is the rear wheel drive system, similar to the features used by the senior rival BMW and Mercedes. Generally, the company with popular four wheel logo still provides the all wheel drive system for another choice.

Another excellence provided by MSB is that the architecture can manage more power than MLB, this feature puts Audi above all Germany car manufacture.

A8 is considered to be low volume car which ready to enter the large range market strategy, spreading overall cost of development across three VW Group brands.

Even if the Audi decides to change the new A8 system becomes rear wheel drive, the MSB structure will also follow through its steel construction.

Generally A8 is constructed from high density aluminum. Actually the material is quite expensive thus the switching to steel will create a big contrast to Audi’s blue print of A8. The 2018 Audi A8 Release Date is predicted to be around 2017.

Source: TheNextCars

BMW 3 Series GT Sedan

Another spy pictures come from the legendary BMW automaker showing its latest production model of 3 Series GT. The GT 3 series is prepared by BMW to enter its first appearance in September Paris Motor Show.

Another mass media from UK reports that this latest range of BMW will come to France as a uncovered little secret concept, equal to the preparation made by the manufacture for the 6 Series Gran Coupe.

Talking about smaller version of the 5 Series GT first hit the rumour predict in early 2009, followed later in the year by confirmation from BMW boss Norbert Reithofer.

Actually the name which is given by the brand is not official yet, and BMW can shift this series to the new range of 4 Series confirmed lately. The 4 Series is predicted to take over the Coupe and Cabriolet field of the 3 Series.

Several rumors said that the upcoming 4 Series will share its platform with the all new 3, while the engine parts will likely imitate the engine which is used for sedan range, the engine package includes naturally-aspirated and turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines. For your information the 3 Series GT is not the end of Gran Turismo BMW on its rear edge.

The media has predicted that the BMW 1 Series Gran Turismo will be released in late 2013 or early 2014, this series use front wheel drive system which comes with the beautiful interior.

Honda Jazz Hybrid

Honda Jazz Hybrid Review, with environmentally friendly theme. Jazz Hybrid or Honda Fit called comes with a new design is more sporty and fresh. It can be seen on the design of the headlamps, grille and rear bumper are different from other versions of hybryd Honda, also we can see in dark blue yan adorn the interior. Jazz Hybrid was first introduced at the exhibition of the Paris Motor Show in October last year, and the car has a lot of captivating his fans.

Equipped with the claimed Honda’s IMA technology more simple, capable of producing the same good as its competitors. Honda Jazz Hybrid engine capacity 1.3L i-VTEC 4-cylinder combined with the CVT transmission that is connected with an electric motor makes the Jazz hybrid capable of operating completely, either in low or medium speed.

Price estimate starting at £ 16,000 – £ 17,995