Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Super Efficient Vehicle

The Germany legendary car company Volkswagen is ready to introduce the production design of XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) since medias has officially taken the spy photos of this hybrid car.

The pictures which are taken in Europe by this week give the strong prediction of how the XL1 production model will be, if it isn’t just a dummy for an identical new series.

Whether the positive production model will use the XL1’s styling is mystery, but previous reports give sign that the company has prepared a project for the super efficient vehicle.

An interview held by Automotive News Europe last November reported that the Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkom told that the upcoming diesel-electric hybrid is on the right lane to be manufactured.

The CEO strengthens the Volkswagen trademarks by saying that Volkswagen will “start small series production by 2013, in Germany.”

The concept defines that the car has a regular 35kW 0.8 litre, double-cylinder turbodiesel engine, accompanied to a 20kW electric motor.

Even the spec doesn’t show great power, the slim 795kg weight makes the revolutionary XL1 has more than enough power to accelerate. The car needs only 0.9 l/100km, that value will make the XL1 becomes the most efficient car in the future.

XL1 has a Volkswagen genuine seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, feel the speed up to 35km/h when using electric power.

The company plans to launch the car in 2013, the latest specs and detail of the upcoming XL1 should arise in next several months.